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The puzzle jugs greatest revival period was during the 18th & 19th centuries when some of the finest pieces were made. These old puzzle jugs have always been very sought after by collectors, where the best examples command the highest prices.

Martin's contemporary puzzle jugs retain all of the most desirable qualities of the 18th Century pots. Each one is individually made offering you both a novel and historical puzzle.

Martin has been making hand made stoneware pottery puzzle jugs for many years. He throws each pot on the potters wheel. Later, double interlaced handles are attached, each jug is then skillfully pierced with decoration . Then great care is taken in applying the sprig designs to the surface and creating the puzzle. Finally after the glaze firing is complete the puzzle jug is gilded and refired in the kiln.


First fill the jug with water/beer then offer this to your guests to take a drink. Whenever your friends attempt to tilt the jug towards their lips the result will be a wetting. Whilst the jug is tilted the liquid will pour out from the pierced decoration surrounding the pot. However hard you try it will be impossible to drink from the puzzle jug in the normal way. The secret of how to sucessfully drink from the jug is the puzzle. Solving it creates entertaining diversions for everyone.

These unique and extraordinary puzzle jugs make ideal gifts, they can be seen by visiting the

Potters Shop in Church Street, Ludlow, Shropshire


Direct sales and information on packaging and posting can be arranged by telephoning
Martin or Tina Homer on 01584 781 404

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